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PutOptions type#

Options for put APIs (put, update, insert, putFatDoc, updateFatDoc, and insertFatDoc)

export declare type PutOptions = {
commitMessage?: string;
insertOrUpdate?: 'insert' | 'update';
taskId?: string;
enqueueCallback?: (taskMetadata: TaskMetadata) => void;
debounceTime?: number;



  • commitMessage: Git commit message. Default is ' < insert or update > : path/to/the/file( < fileOid > )'.

  • insertOrUpdate: Change behavior of put and putFatDoc. Don't use this option. Use insert() or update() instead.

  • taskId: taskId is used in TaskQueue to distinguish CRUD and synchronization tasks. It is usually generated automatically. Set it if you would like to monitor this put task explicitly.

  • enqueueCallback: A callback function called just after this put task is enqueued to TaskQueue.

  • debounceTime: put/insert/update operations for the same document are debounced by specified milliseconds. This overwrite the same option in Collection Class. Default is -1 (do not debounce).