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GitDocumentDB.getHistory() method#

Get revision history of a document

getHistory(_id: string, historyOptions?: HistoryOptions): Promise<(JsonDoc | undefined)[]>;


_idstring_id is a file path whose extension is omitted.
historyOptionsHistoryOptionsThe array of revisions is filtered by HistoryOptions.filter.

Promise<(JsonDoc | undefined)[]>

Array of FatDoc or undefined. - undefined if a specified document does not exist or it is deleted.

  • JsonDoc if isJsonDocCollection is true or the file extension is SerializeFormat.extension.

  • Uint8Array or string if isJsonDocCollection is false.

  • getOptions.forceDocType always overwrite return type.


  • By default, revisions are sorted by reverse chronological order. However, keep in mind that Git dates may not be consistent across repositories.

  • This is an alias of GitDocumentDB.rootCollection.getHistory().


Commit-01 to 08 were committed in order. file_v1 and file_v2 are two revisions of a file.
- Commit-08: Not exists
- Commit-07: deleted
- Commit-06: file_v2
- Commit-05: deleted
- Commit-04: file_v2
- Commit-03: file_v1
- Commit-02: file_v1
- Commit-01: Not exists
Commit-02 newly inserted a file (file_v1).
Commit-03 did not change about the file.
Commit-04 updated the file from file_v1 to file_v2.
Commit-05 deleted the file.
Commit-06 inserted the deleted file (file_v2) again.
Commit-07 deleted the file again.
Commit-08 did not change about the file.
Here, getHistory() will return [undefined, file_v2, undefined, file_v2, file_v1] as a history.
- Consecutive same values (commit-02 and commit-03) are combined into one.
- getHistory() ignores commit-01 because it was committed before the first insert.
Thus, a history is not [undefined, undefined, file_v2, undefined, file_v2, file_v1, file_v1, undefined].