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Offline capable

Hidekazu Kubota

Hidekazu Kubota

Creator of GitDocumentDB

Unplugged Tanuki

He is Unplugged Tanuki. He is usually offline and occasionally online. He is always having fun, no matter where he is.

The above is my drawing that illustrates an offline-first concept. Offline-first is a design paradigm that ensures your app works offline as well as online.

A multi-primary database is an essential component of this paradigm. In a multi-primary database, the data you have is not the server's cache but the original data. So, you need not get your initial data from a server.

You are free from the internet connection.
You can store your data in distributed place.
Moreover, you can synchronize your distributed data with each other when online.

GitDocumentDB is the offline-first database that realizes these concepts.