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This plugin is a NodeGit remote engine. It supports an SSH connection that isomorphic-git does not have.

Compare between isomorphic-git (default)) and NodeGit#

GitDocumentDB connects to a remote repository by a remote engine that can fetch, push and clone a Git repository.

  • The default remote engine is isomorphic-git. It is browser compatible, and integrating GitDocumentDB into your Electron app is easier because it is a pure TypeScript Git library. Available Authentication methods are OAuth and GitHub's PATs(Personal Access Token).
  • GitDocumentDB can use NodeGit remote engine plugin instead of isomorphic-git. SSH connection to a remote Git repository is available because it makes most of the native environment using the native module (libgit2). GitHub's PATs are also available.


Load plugin before creating an instance of GitDocumentDB Class. Set connection.engine to 'nodegit'.

const gitDDB = new GitDocumentDB({
dbName: 'foo',
const option: RemoteOptions = {
remoteUrl: 'your remote repository',
connection: {
type: 'ssh',
engine: 'nodegit'
privateKeyPath: '/foo/bar/baz.key',
publicKeyPath: '/foo/bar/',
passPhrase: '',
const sync= await gitDDB.sync(option);

You can find more detailed usage in Plugin Tutorial.