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JsonDoc type#

The type for a JSON document that is stored in a database

export declare type JsonDoc = {
[key: string]: any;


A JSON document must be a JavaScript object that matches the following conditions:

  • It must have an '_id' key that shows the unique identifier of a document

  • _id allows Unicode characters except for OS reserved filenames and the following characters: < > : " | ? * ¥0.

  • _id and a filename are linked. So _id is better to be ASCII characters and a case-insensitive name for cross-platform.

  • _id cannot start or end with a slash.

  • _id can include paths separated by slashes.

  • A directory name in paths cannot end with a period or a white space.

  • A directory name in paths does not allow '.' and '..'.


_id: 'nara/nara_park',
flower: 'double cherry blossoms'