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JsonDiffPatchOptions type#


export declare type JsonDiffPatchOptions = {
keyInArrayedObject?: string[];
keyOfUniqueArray?: string[];
plainTextProperties?: {
[key: string]: any;


  • plainTextProperties: Only property whose key matches plainTextProperties uses text-diff-and-patch algorithm (google-diff-match-patch).

  • keyInArrayedObject: To diff between arrays that contain objects as elements, you must specify a key in the object. See\#an-object-hash

  • keyOfUniqueArray: Set a key of a unique array. Unique array never include duplicated members after JSON patch.


Example of plainTextProperties:
{ a: { b: true }, c: true } matches 'b' (whose ancestor is only 'a') and 'c'.
{ a: { _all: true } } matches all child properties of 'a'.
{ a: { _regex: /abc/ } } matches child properties of 'a' which match /abc/.